What is Technical SEO?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020


When we plan to build a website or blog we should also consider future SEO requirements for websites. Well planned technical requirements of the website help to crawl & index your website fast. And some other technical processes that help in website indexing, in Search Engine.

It is very important because some of the technical requirements are not easily changeable.

Q. What are the steps of Technical SEO?

A. Technical SEO has following Steps- 1. Domain Name selection 2. Selection of Website Hosting 3. Website Speed 4. Website Architecture 5. SSL Certificates 6. No 404 Errors 7. No Broken Links 8. Mobile friendly website 9. Robots. & XMl Site map 10. Register your site with Google Search Console

Q. How Domain Name Selection helps in SEO?

A: Website Domain name can be based on -

a. Keyword -

b. Brand Name

c. Company Name

d. Individual Name-

Exact match domain with Keyword help to crawl & index your website.

Q. Website hosting server selection ?

A. Proper Hosting service helps to improve website speed & performance.

Shared Hosting- Reasonable price -

Hostinger , Bluehost, Site ground , A2 Hosting , Hostgator

VPS Hosting -Expensive -

Inmotion , Bluehost , Dream Host, liquidweb, HostGator, A2 Hosting

Cloud Hosting - Expensive -

A2 Hosting , Cloudways, Kamatera , Siteground, Host winds, Inmotion,

HostGator, dream Host, Hostingar

Dedicated Hosting -Very expensive

Bluehost,Inmotion , HostGator, A2 Hosting , Liquidweb, Site ground,

Media temple, Accuweb , Hostwinds

Q. Does Website Speed Matters?

A. yes, in current scenario responsive & fast website get preference by search engines.

Q. What is the website Architecture ?

A. Design of the Website must be user friendly , easy to understand , interactive so that users can easily navigate each and every section

Q. Why is the SSL Certificate important nowadays ?

A. it makes your website secure & authentic. SSL improves the confidence about your website between your users. It is also an important ranking factor.

Q. Why should we Remove 404 Errors?

A. Immediately resolve all your 404 errors , its gives a negative message to google bot about your website.

Q. Why should you rectify broken Links ?

A. remove broken links from your website. it gives a message to google that your content is not updated & you are refereeing useless content for your uses.

Q. What is the advantage of Mobile friendly Website?.

A. Be remember your website must be optimized for Mobile,Nowadays websites are Mostly visited by mobile only . The website must be responsive to mobile format & it must have good speed.

Q. What is the use of Robots.txt & XML Site map?

A. Google supports many sitemap formats but XML is most common . Site map tells the crawler which file is important in the website &

provides information about files .

Robot.txt tells the crawler which page or file should not crawl. if you don't want to index any page Robot.txt is the answer for you.

Q. Why is Google Search Console Registration required ?.

A. Google Search console not only help to see website performance but also help to check robot.txt file, submit to Sitemap and fix and find errors.

Above steps are very important technical SEO check list.

What is technical SEO?

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