What is SEO Keyword Research?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020


Keyword Research is the process to find the Right Keyword for blogs or websites for SEO. It has many steps. Keyword Research is part of one of those.

1. Why Keyword Research is Important? How does it help in the SEO of Blogs?

It is important to do keyword research before starting any blog.

Every blogger wants his blog should get more traffic on the internet.

This can be achieved when the blogs get ranked on Google SERP.

for that, the Blog Pages & Content must be optimized for the Search Engine.

This process begins with keyword research.

#Keyword Research helps to choose Title for blogging. if the content of the blog keyword-oriented it will help google to rank the page. otherwise, the blogs get stiff competition in the ranking.

Similarly, it applies to website #SEO. Identify the Right keyword as per the niche of the website.

2. What is SEO- Search Engine Optimization?

Ans: SEO is a process to improve the search engine ranking of any website or article.

3. What is the step for SEO?

Ans: SEO consists primarily of 3 steps -

1. Keyword research

3. Technical SEO

3. On-Page SEO

4. Off-Page SEO

4. What do you mean by the Right keyword?

The following important properties are needed for the right keywords-

A. Website/ Blog Niche

B. Easy to rank

C. Low competition

D. Good Search Volume

(Note: The selection of keywords depends on other hidden variables too. I will explain it later. ) 5.How can you find the above attribute of the Keyword?

You need to use different keyword research tools to determine the above keyword properties.

A. Ahrefs- Paid Tool

B. Keywordtool - Paid Tool

C. SEMrush - Paid Tool

D. Google Keyword Planner- Free Tool

Note: Above tools are not only used for keyword Research but many other SEO Processes.

6. What are the types of Keywords? Does it affect ranking?

Keywords are basically defined in 3 categories.

A. Short tail Keyword- (1-2 words) - Highly Competitive (Broad )

B. Mid tail Keyword - (2-3 words) - Competitive (Low Specific)

C. Long-tail Keyword- (More than 3 words) - Less Competitive (Very Specific)

(Note: Whenever you want to start a blog always prefer long-tail keywords. )

7. How to use Various SEO Keyword tools & what information they provide?

To find the most suitable keyword for blogging or website optimization, different keyword analysis tools are available. They charge clients according to their volumes of information.

One of the finest methods for keyword analysis and other SEO activities is Ahrefs. But it is one of SEO's most expensive tools. Not advised for beginners.

All tools have a lot of info, but if you're a beginner, it's important to note following

1. Search Volume of Keywords

2. Difficulty level or Competition Level of Keywords

3. Keywords Ideas

4. Backlinks ideas

5. Domain Score

6. SERP Analysis

8. In short provide the process of keyword research?

a. First make a list of the right keyword for blogs or websites.

b. Sort list the best keywords with the help of online tools & various factors.

c. Plan On-page and Off-Page optimization

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