What are the Tools of SEO?

I clarified in my previous post that SEO isn't a one-line operation. And it is difficult to execute them without an SEO tools. SEO tools help to improve and complete the optimization of search engines. They assist in keyword studies, provide review & analyzing technical data, assist in auditing of websites, & other useful information etc.

The most critical SEO tools required in every SEO stage are as follows:

1. Google Keyword planner : Free Tool

These methods assist with keyword preparation & analysis. Ashraf, SEMrush, Keywordtool.io are alternatives to these tools:

2. Google Trends : Free Tool

You want to check the current trend of any keyword. Google Trends is a tool for that.

3. Google Search Console : Free Tool

It's the most critical tool of Google. It helps to index the website on a Google search engine, and the Submit Sitemap also helps to check the website's basic performance report.

4. Google Page Speed Insights: Free Tool

This is the google tool that shows you the speed of your website. Also, help with the information where improvement is needed.

5. SimilarWeb : Paid Tool

Do you Want to get traffic information on any website, backlinks to any specific website? This website will help you out.

6. Duplichecker : Free Tool

This tool will help you out if you want to check if any content is genuine or not.

7. What is MOZ? : Paid Tool

Moz will allow you to find the DA (Domain Authority) & PA (Page Authority) status for your website. Moz itself has established this parameter.

8.What is Ahref ?: Paid Tool

These methods assist with keyword preparation & analysis. Ahref, SEMrush, Keywordtool.io are alternatives to these tools: keyword difficulty, search frequency, etc. It's also helpful to find backlinks.

9.What is Semrush ? : Paid tool

Another effective tool to provide more information about SEO is Semrush. This tool assists bloggers & SEO experts from keyword research to every step of SEO.

There are are many others SEO tools are available. I will update the details in future.

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